Version 1.12.3511 onwards

  • The system automatically creates a to do item Restart black dog server. The due date and time for this is a configurable period following system startup and is reset whenever the system is restarted. This can be postponed (not recommended) and the for whose attention field changed but the item cannot otherwise be modified.

  • Clinical notes are now automatically saved by the system. This means that even if a power cut causes sudden and unexpected system shutdown, any clinical notes that had not yet been manually saved will not have been lost entirely. The autosave period is configurable but by default is set to every 2 minutes. Note it is advised that clinical notes should be not be manually saved until fully complete to prevent a clinical history from becoming unnecessarily fragmented.

  • The current license details are summarised on the Server Control screen in the Program Management group.

  • A Document Import screen has been added. This provides an alternative facility for attaching files, e.g. scanned documents, to client or contact details as well providing a configurable mechanism for the regular import of documents such as lab reports – see the system manual for further information.

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.