Version 1.37.5446 onwards

  • For sites that do not have a strong correlation between takings periods and receipts from their merchant services provider (credit card payments), the card payments recorded in Black Dog can now be itemised and so show separately when reconciling against bank account statements. By default this option is disabled.
  • A facility has been added to handle surcharges on card payments. For example if a client opts to pay say £100 by card, then the system can prompt the user whether or not a 3% surcharge should be added – if accepted then the client is automatically invoiced an additional £3, and the user prompted to take payment for £103 by card.
  • Banking periods now allow seperate dates for cash and cheque credits. This gives greater flexibility in business systems for paying in to the bank and then reconciling against bank statements.
  • If appointments are synchronised with Google calendar, then the system can be configured to use the same colours for appointments as used by the Google calendar.
  • There are now improved options re. dating of clinical notes and invoice items. Black Dog now has the notion of an active date which by default is today but can be manually set to an earlier date (within the last X days where X is configurable). The current active date is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the Black Dog window, and is high-lighted in pink if prior to today. To set or clear the active date right-click the bottom status bar (i.e. the displayed date and select option set ‘active date’. The active date will be used as the date of any newly created invoice items and as the date of any newly created clinical notes. As part of these changes an optional invoice format will be made available that shows the dates of each item in the invoice.
  • A facility has been added to handle early payment discounts. Please contact Black Dog Software for further information.
  • An option has been added that allows the user to select which pets to finalise invoice items for, i.e. if an open invoice contains invoice items for say 4 different animals, say Alfie, Buttons, Charlie, and Dino, then the user can opt to only finalise those items for Buttons and Charlie.
  • The Black Dog system can now integrate with an Android smartphone. The integration is via 3rd party software
    from JustRemotePhone and allows Black Dog to: (i) send SMS messages
    via the Android phone; (ii) automatically dial phone numbers on the phone – the phone call itself is
    still carried out via the phone, although if a bluetooth headset is used then the need to
    handle the phone in any way is removed. Additionally it would be possible (but these facilities are not yet implemented) to:
    (iii) add details of received SMS messages to Black Dog; and (iv) automatically look-up incoming phone numbers and
    display any matching clients and contacts. In order to support such usage, support can now be offered directly to
    Android smartphones using the same TeamViewer remote access software that is also used to access Windows PCs
    running Black Dog. Note both the phone integration and remote access require the installation of 3rd party software
    onto the Android phone itself, and minimum specifications apply.

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.