Version 1.11.3342 onwards

  • Screen actions allowing the printing of a letter or form from a template can now be configured so that the document is only printed once per client. This allows a letter to be printed from the pet list screen for a range of pets (for example for a geriatric health screen mailshot) but avoids printing multiple letters for the same client.
  • The pet list screen now affords screen action facility allowing easy printing of address labels, letters etc. for a range of pets.
  • The system now prevents the accidental deletion of a contact used as a supplier for a recorded expenditure payment.
  • The system guards against accidental deletion of an insurance claim by prompting the user for confirmation.
  • The appearance of completed appointments is configurable – suggestions are to use either italic or strikeout for the text.
  • A client’s phone number can be optionally set as the default SMS number for that client. Note this is not currently used anywhere in the system but has been added to allow future support for automatic SMS messaging to clients.
  • Bug fixed which caused an error when an attempt was made to create a second new insurance claim for a client without having saved the previous one.

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.