Version 1.16.3952 onwards

  • A client telephone number can be set as the SMS default indicating that this is the preferred number to be used for any text messages to the client. Such telephone numbers can then be included by the system when exporting client information to be used for reminder purposes etc. If this usage is intended then it is suggested that the practice has a policy in place to ensure that suitable client permission has been obtained.

    To aid the correct setting of the SMS default flag, the system will prompt the user whenever a new telephone number is added that has been described as mobile. This prompt can be suppressed by setting the global configuration flag SuppressSMSDefaultPrompt.

  • In-built database queries have been added to aid manual stocktakes, whether taken routinely at a year end or as preparation for conversion to automated stock control.

  • Added a right-click option to the client list screen allowing easy sending of a message re. the selected client; a similar option also added to the contact list screen to send a message re. the selected contact.

  • Added a right-click option to the client list screen allowing automated dialling of any telephone number for the selected client (if the system supports this).

  • The system prompt warning of overlapping appointments can be suppressed by setting the global
    configuration flag SuppressOverlapApptWarning.

  • A new service fee can be created by simply copying (and then modifying) an existing service fee: simply right-click the fee to be copied in the service fee list and select the Copy option.

  • The Black Dog system now supports a direct serial connection to Nationwide Laboratories’ Fuji FDC lab machines allowing direct import of test results.

  • The pet summary displayed at the top of clinical history screens can now display either date of birth or actual age. The age is displayed by default but if date of birth is preferred then the global configuration flag ClinHxPetSummaryUsesDOB should be set.

  • Text input boxes appearing in input dialogs are now combo boxes allowing the user to optionally select from the most recent inputs entered by the client (up to a maximum of 10).

  • The Document Import screen now allows direct opening or deletion of available files for import as listed in the Files listbox via right-click options.

  • When a new supply item is added to a drug/product price, the system prompts the user whether the new supply item should be set as the default order and/or pricing item.

  • The print draft drug order facility now optionally allows the exclusion or inclusion of
    delayed items, and whether a single or all suppliers are required.

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.