Version 1.50.5925 onwards

  • Black Dog now includes the facility to set a drug as “batch information required” – the system then tracks batch information for all usages of that drug (both on dispensing and on arrival on the premises). For items where it is important (either for clinical reasons, e.g. vaccines in small animals, or for legal requirements, e.g. use in food animals) that the batch number is tracked this is now the recommended approach to use in Black Dog, irrespective of whether or not the practice uses the stock control facilities.
  • An “automatic reminder” mode is now available — this is a version of a Black Dog client that runs unattended and processes standard reminder actions such as the sending of SMS reminders. These can be staggered during the working day to ensure that:  (a) the practice is open when the reminders are sent; and (b) that reception will not be overloaded by multiple calls to book appointments at the same time.
  • Direct online microchip registration now available for Avid microchips.
  • Emails can now be saved without being immediately emailed. There are two “save modes”: either “draft” for emails that are not yet complete, or “pending” which is for emails that are ready to be sent but cannot be sent from the current PC for some reason, typically because the internet is not currently available. “Pending” emails will be automatically sent by the Black Dog server during its routine overnight maintenance checks.
  • If using the SMS message service provided by TextLocal, then longer SMS messages can now be sent (which use multiple credits).
  • Improvements made to various screens allowing automatic resizing to better fit larger application windows.
  • Option now available to add species name to all drug labels
  • Animal details now include a “not for human consumption” flag

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.