Version 1.12.3576 onwards

  • On user change, the system prompts if the new user has any unread messages or overdue to do items. This can be suppressed at the global or the local level via the configuration flag SupressUnreadWarning.

  • To ensure adequate space is available for each, the unread message and overdue to do displays alternate on the bottom status bar. To revert to the original behaviour set the global configuration flag SeperateToDoPanel.

  • Recurrent to do can now be set as cancellable. This is set via the user interface for standard recurrences. For items created automatically via the document import presets the preset setting string must have its 8th parameter set to true.

  • When invoicing via a regular treatment and a label is required the system checks both the most recently produced label and the dosage instructions contained in the description of the regular treatment and prompts the user for which to use if these differ.

  • The system now supports EClaim submissions via the VetEnvoy gateway and conforming to the Vet-XML standard as sponsored by SPVS. This can be used to submit insurance claims to PetPlan and PetProtect – for further information and to activate the facility please contact Black Dog Software.

    Colour coding is used for EClaims: red if to submit, orange if submitted or processing, green if settled, and yellow if declined.

  • The message system can now be configured to automatically send emails to selected message recipients.

  • Financial entries, eg. copies of statements, estimates, and invoices, on a client’s notes and documents screen are now coloured blue to help distinguish them from other entries.

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.