Version 1.11.3433 onwards

  • The pet transfer facility now replicates any existing clinical history for the pet.

  • The facility that allows copying an existing note or document has been extended to allow
    copying between clients or between contacts – in fact from any notes & documents screen to any other. To use right-click the note/document to be copied, select copy and as new entry .. and then follow the on-screen instructions. This is particularily useful when wanting to write a letter to a client using an existing letter to another client as a starting point: copy the existing letter to the required client, and then open the letter and make changes as needed.

  • For installations using restricted notes & documents the protection against unauthorised access has been enhanced – previously restricted notes & documents were simply hidden from view from unauthorised users within the Black Dog system but had to be placed in a directory accessible with the logged-in user credentials; the system now allows the directory to be made inaccessible to the logged-in user and the Black Dog system can prompt for an alternative username and password to allow access. Please contact Black Dog Software if wishing to make use of this facility as by default it is disabled.

  • The modify options for items in an open invoice have been extended to allow modification of unit price and dispensing fee. This facility is not recommended and is disabled by default – please contact Black Dog Software if wishing to enable it.

  • When crediting (i.e. negating) an invoice item in an open invoice that includes a dispensing fee the system now prompts the user to ask whether the dispensing fee should be deleted from the credit. This allows crediting of the price of tablets without crediting the client the price of dispensing – especially useful if only crediting part of dispensed pack.

  • For sites that customarily bank received cheques and cash on a daily basis which means that a Black Dog banking period typically corresponds to a single takings period, a facility has been added to make the creation of banking periods very much easier. To use right-click the takings period and choose Bank ... Note this is disabled by default so please contact Black Dog Software if wanting to make use of it.

  • Bank account reconciliation dates can now be set for the present day rather than just in the past.

  • Appointment and operation descriptions are now appended with all users’ initials who have made changes to the appointment/operation and not just the initials of the original creator.

  • If one or more estimates exist for a client, then the system prompts when booking an operation for that client to help remind the user that the operation should be linked to the relevant estimate (if there is one).

  • The system now supports NVS online ordering including immediate out of stocks information and next day download of batch and invoice information.

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.