Version 1.37.5579 onwards

  • An optional invoice format is now available which groups together charges per pet and gives a subtotal for each pet.
  • Separate email templates now apply when emailing direct from the payment/finalise invoice panel depending on whether the transaction is an invoice only, a payment receipt only, or a combined invoice and receipt.
  • Itemised account statements can now optionally include the dates and quantities of individual invoice items.
  • If required the user can be presented with a choice of email templates to use when emailing a client or a contact.
  • Multiple open invoice items for multiple clients can now be finalised in one process via a Batch finalise screen action available on the client utilities –> takings –> invoice items screen. Likewise multiple regular or fixed prices can be invoiced in one process via a Batch invoice screen action from the same screen.
  • Client detail information such as addresses or phone numbers or email addresses can now be copied between clients via the right-click context menu.
  • Likewise people details can be copied from one contact to another – the user is prompted to delete the original details once copied.
  • Takings periods can now be split at a given date and time. This is useful if a user forgot to end a takings period.
  • Additional report fields are now available: ALL_PET_NAMES, ALL_PET_DETAILS, ALL_CURRENT_PET_NAMES, ALL_CURRENT_PET_DETAILS and EMAILS. Note report fields must be enclosed in angle-brackets without any spaces.

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.