Version 1.11.3353 onwards

  • Printed insurance claims now order invoice items by date and time.
  • The system now includes a facility for displaying and reviewing associated documents that are images (e.g. jpg files). This allows the user to easily rotate, reflect, scale and scroll the image and is intended to be easier and quicker to use than more complex image editing software. If editing facilities are required then the image can still be opened using alternative software via the Open With.. facility (see following).
  • An Open With.. facility has been added to the right-click option menu
    for any documents (whether listed on a client’s notes and documents, contact details, or office documents screens). This allows the user to choose to open the associated file using any currently installed software and in particular allows the user to open an image in a dedicted image-editing application rather than use the default in-built display-only option.
  • Bug fixed affecting image acquisistion using Microsoft WIA drivers: some scanners returned a bitmap rather than the requested jpeg format file, and in consequence the Black Dog system now checks the format and converts usign jpeg compression if required.

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.