Version 1.16.4052 onwards

  • Appointments can now be marked as a visit – the pink edit panel includes a visit checkbox in the bottom right-hand corner and when ticked the pink edit panel expands to display additional fields relevant to visits away from the surgery: visit address, contact phone number, expected time of arrrival, and any relevant notes which are useful for noting directions, any special equipment needed, etc. The system automatically switches the appointment length to a globally set default visit length – this is configurable. The visit address and contact phone number have to be selected from details entered on the client details screen and the system warns when saving if these have not been set. A client details button has been added to the edit panel allowing easy access to the client detail screen so that an additional address can quickly be entered. Note the CTRL+TAB key combination is a very useful way of switching between recently viewed screens.

  • A day sheet listing appointments and/or visits on a given day in a given room/column can now be printed – right-click the appointments grid, select the option print day sheet, and then follow the on-screen instructions. The surgery name and address appearing at the bottom of the listing correspond to the global configuration values RDLC_SurgeryName and RDLC_SurgeryAddress.

  • The system now allows machines running standalone in semi-restricted mode to cash up takings periods – this facility is disabled by default. Please contact Black Dog Software if this should be enabled.

  • Special service fees such as credits, debits & speical items are now omitted automatically from any multiple price modification carried out via the service fee list – this ensures that the function is not disabled inappropriately.

  • The financial analysis spreadsheet created by the right-click option export details on the VAT periods screen now includes debtor information at the beginning and end of the analysis period. This allows the visual reassurance that any change in debt over the period, namely the net invoiced total less the net takings total as displayed on the takings periods worksheet is matched by a corresponding change in the client balances as shown by the debtors worksheet. Note that the automatic overnight consistency checks carried out by the Black Dog system guarantee that the numbers do balance so that this visual check is unnecessary but nonetheless reassuring.

  • Enhanced envelope printing to cope with the more recent intelligent printers that check the actual paper size when printing

  • Drug and service fee descriptions can now include the characters ‘%%’ (two percent signs) with the effect that all text after and including the percent signs is ignored for the purpose of drug labels and invoices, i.e. only the text preceeding the percent signs appears on invoices and drug labels. This allows uses to append any text they like which can include text to make searching when pricing easier, or any general notes. For example if a practice switches from stocking Tribrissen to Trimacare, then the price description can be set as ‘Trimacare 80mg %% tribrissen’ so that users searching for ‘tribrissen’ still find the correct drug even though they have forgotten the name change

  • Corrected the ‘VAT calculator dialog’ so that this displays the appropriate VAT rates following the recent VAT change. Note that this oversight affected only the input of expenditure information and does not relate to sales VAT – the latter was handled correctly at the time

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.