Version 1.15.3789 onwards

  • PAYE changes for new tax year 2010/2011

  • The default options when printing account statements are now configurable

  • Automatic debtor handling facilities extended to allow sending of multiple account statements, and extended options available for style of account statement printed (whether itemised or from last zero balance etc.)

  • Added facility creating automatic system messages to DiaryAdministrator when any changes to diary entries are made

  • Tidied shutdown processing so as to avoid inappropriate error messages when closing

  • Identified and resolved some rare but annoying behaviour in which system temporarily had a go-slow

  • Label printer handling extended to include support for Brother QL-500 (and more generally any label printer with a Windows driver) and for variable size labels including cut-to-size labelling when using continuous label tape (as can be used on the Brother QL-500)

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.