Version 1.35.5340 onwards

  • Drag and drop is now implemented for files between Windows Explorer and Black Dog Notes and Document screens. For example, to import a file into Black Dog and link to a client, open the clients’ notes and documents screen, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder containing the file to import, then simply drag the file and drop onto the list of entries on the Black Dog notes and documents screen.

  • Drag and drop is now implemented for Black Dog appointments — simply drag an appointment and drop to a new room and/or time slot

  • The appointment and operations screens now re-size to fit larger monitors.

  • Black Dog contacts can now be merged. To merge contact A into contact B, open the contact details screen for A, allow edits, click button labelled Merge, then follow on-screen instructions.

  • Online microchip registration now supports Virbac chips

  • Black Dog contacts and/or clients can now be synced with Google contacts. For further information please contact Black Dog Software.

  • Client addresses now have an optional label that can be used to describe the nature of the address

  • Takings period details can now either be printed or viewed on-screen. This facility is also now available for current open takings periods.

  • It is now possible to set a contact alert that functions in a similar fashion to a client alert.

  • Checks have been added to prevent the accidental entry of nonsensical pet weights (eg. 45612456kg)

  • A very rare bug arising out of multiple-threads executing on the server has been diagnosed and fixed

  • The Black Dog appointments and calendar can now be integrated with Google Calendar. This is
    particularly useful for sites carrying out a lot of client visits – appointment changes made by the
    practice, eg. by reception staff, can be automatically received by the vet out on the road via
    Google Calendar running on their smart phone. Additionally Google Calendar provides an interface that could be
    utilised by the practice website for the purpose of appointment booking over the internet.

    More information has been sent to all sites by email.

  • Note that Black Dog now requires that Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (full version) is running on all PCs. This
    is required to support the Google Calendar integration. Framework 4 was released in 2010 and whilst it has only
    been automatically included by Microsoft in Windows 8 and 8.1, it may already have been installed on older PCs
    as a prerequisite for another application. If not present, then it can be installed from the
    Microsoft Download Center

  • Label templates can now be used with contacts as well as clients
  • Multiple messages can now be set as read in one go rather than individually
  • Facility added which allows sending of emails (with or without attachments) to multiple clients and contacts via the screen action mechanism. Note both the emails and the attachments can be customised to each client/contact via the standard Black Dog templates
  • Existing facility for sending multiple SMS messages to clients has been extended to contacts as well
  • Screen action introduced to client list and debtor admin screens to allow emailing of an account statement as an attachment
  • A case facility has been added which allows the association of a client’s notes and documents with a case: each case has a description and an identifying ID. By default this facility is disabled
  • It is now possible to import files and documents into Black Dog by simply locating the file on the local PC using a Windows explorer window, right-clicking the file and selecting the option Import into Black Dog. Note this requires configuration of registry settings so if interested please contact Black Dog Software for instructions on how to set this up

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.