Version 1.20.4295 onwards

  • Colouring is now used to help indicate when a discount scheme has been set for a pet: yellow when a scheme has been set for that pet only, and blue when a scheme has been set for the client which then also applies to the pet. Additionally the system alerts the user to the existence of a discount scheme for a pet – this behaviour can be suppressed via the global configuration flag SuppressDiscountSchemeAlert

  • The export to excel facility now optionally includes client names & addresses where appropriate

  • The abbreviations ww and wf for with water and with food can now be used when specifying drug dosage instructions

  • Now supports pay as you go postcode lookup facility as provided by

  • The service fees screen now has view options to allow easy review of pricing events set

  • Now supports a percentage surcharge screen action for use on the debtor administration screen which allows the application of a fee to selected multiple clients, with the fee calculated as a percentage of the current oustanding balance. If this facility is required, or you would like further information, then please contact Black Dog Software

  • A5 invoice and receipts now available

  • The delay flag on open invoice items can now be set (or unset) by simply left-clicking the appropriate column of an open invoice. Note delayed items are suppressed from the totals displayed on the open invoice screen, although still contribute to the open invoice total displayed on the client details screen, and are not finalised, i.e. are left open, when the open invoice is finalised. This can be useful when wanting to seperate out items to be claimed back under insurance from other items for which payment is required immediately

  • PAYE configuration and tax/NI calculations tested for the new tax year 2011/12

  • Now supports DocMail – this is an internet based postal service which prints, stuffs envelopes, and posts documents at very competitive rates, for example a single black and white A4 letter can be sent second class for a total cost of 28p + VAT. For further information see The initial implementation allows users to send individual invoices and account statements to customers but provided the DocMail service proves to be reliable, it is expected that this facility will be extended to handle multiple clients and other types of documents.

  • The Takings screen has been modified to display total card, cash and cheque payments received, both by period and totalled across multiple periods. The view options in the top right hand corner control whether the screen displays cashing up errors or totals.

  • VetXML eClaims that have been declined can now be re-opened.
  • The Takings screen now uses colour coding to help highlight the status of takings periods:

    • BLUE – the current takings period, i.e. the most recent one and the one currently active to which new invoices/payments are added to
    • YELLOW – indicates that the takings period has not yet been cashed up
    • RED – indicates that the takings period has card and/or cheque cashing up errors that require reconciliation
    • ORANGE – the cash cashing up error exceeds a configurable value (which is set to £1.50 by default)
    • WHITE – any takings period not described above
  • Service fees can now have their VAT rate set. Note that the system checks that any VAT rate set matches the VAT rate of any non-itemised additions.

  • Service fees now allow associated pricing events, i.e. actions that are taken when the service fee is priced (not added to an estimate). These include the pre-existing facilities:

    • prompt for a microchip number and update the pet details accordingly
    • update the pet’s neutered status (for spays and castrates)
    • update the pet’s dead/alive status (for euthanasia/cremation fees)
    • update the pet’s last seen date (for fees representing actual treatment)
    • create/modify a reminder for the pet

    (Note the first four of the above were previously controlled via properties of the service fee category to which the service fee belonged but for increased simplicity these actions are now controlled by individual service fee settings.) To these the system has now added the following pricing event actions:

    • create a to do item
    • create a client letter or label
    • carry out a screen action from the client, pet, or debtor list
    • send a Black Dog message

    All these options are configured via a new pricing events tab on the service fee details screen. For more information about the different options please contact Black Dog Software.

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.