Version 1.11.3402 onwards

  • The insurance claim screen was incorrectly displaying the total for items ticked for addition. This is now fixed.

  • PAYE pay slips were printing with incorrect NI contribution details – this was not an error in the underlying PAYE calculations but simply an error when printing resulting from the government’s introduction of upper accural points. This is now fixed.

  • Drug row stock colouring is now suppressed if not using stock control.

  • An additional screen action export for mail merge has been added to the reminder list screen – this is particularily useful for producing files for sending to companies such as Fort Dodge to allow them to send out booster reminders on behalf of the practice. Note the facility can be configured to output address information either in the Black Dog default of HouseName, HouseNumber, Road, etc. or as Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4. Likewise, client name information can be output as either Title, Forename, Surname or as a single ClientName. By default any inactive reminders (coloured grey) are not exported and multiple reminders for the same client (possibly for different pets) are combined into a single output line – the PetName is then set to a combination of the pet names for the individual reminders.

  • When processing a client payment, if the change is non-zero then the background colour of the
    change box is set to yellow to highlight this.

For further information re. version numbers etc. see the earlier post.